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Translation Agency in Kiev. Communic Company

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Are you looking for a translation agency to ensure a high-quality translation of documents? In our age of digital technologies the easiest and most convenient way to find translators is to enter “translation agency Kiev” or “translation company Kiev” in any search engine. In as little as a few seconds a great lot of promises like “a high-quality translation of documents”, “make an urgent translation” and “make an urgent, high-quality and cheap translation” will start dancing before your eyes. How to make a right choice?


In Kiev customers often look for a translation agency close to their office or home. It is not a problem. Today you can find a translation company in every district of the capital. Some of them have a good branch network covering almost all underground stations.
Several large translation companies have chosen a historic city center – Podol – as a place of their location. Today, Podol, just like the Central and Pechersk Districts, is a business center of the capital. Here offices of the largest Ukrainian and international organizations are located, important agreements are signed every day and mega-deals are made. We are proud that many successful negotiations, contracts and transactions in Podol are settled with the assistance of translators from Communic Company. To ensure convenience for corporate customers from other district of Kiev we offer a free courier delivery.


First, some customers review prices upon the request “translation agency Kiev” and then choose the translation company in Kiev which offers the lowest prices for translation services. In this case it is important to remember that the better part of Kiev translation agencies indicate the price for standard documents and simple texts translation on their websites. But just like Lada cannot cost as much as Ferrari, a complicated translation of a specialized text to be made in a very short time cannot cost as a translation, for example, of a certification or diploma in the ordinary course. Are you looking for a cheap translation service? Kiev has become a home for many translation companies and some of them offer quite ridiculous prices, especially newcomers on the translation service market, losers who propose a low quality or bankrupts. Here is our advice: when choosing a translation agency in Kiev, consider other parameters, except prices!


And finally, many companies and private customers have understood that the most important thing is quality. Moreover, it means the quality of the translated text, as well as the quality of customer service, the quality of receipt and delivery of a translation order, the performance quality of agency`s partners, for example, notaries, courier service. For us, the word “quality” also includes adherence to deadlines, since even the finest translation of an agreement delivered by translation company with a one-day (or sometimes one-hour) delay may cost you a multimillion contract. Due to the fault of such translation agency the ship may leave Kiev (in all senses) and you will stay ashore with a high-quality agreement translated at a cheap price, however, not signed.

Over 5 years of experience in the market, we learned how to make you more successful.


On the translation of your texts are only experts – experienced and reliable translators pros.


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Our team will offer you the right service and advise.


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